January 5, 2011

Love & Marriage and Girl Talk DVD Reviews

I recently had the pleasure of watching two DVDs from Digital Playground; Love & Marriage and Girl Talk. They star the gorgeous Kayden Kross. I received these DVDs from EdenFantasys in exchange for my reviews. These movies will be discussed on January 12th during EdenFantasy's Porn Club.

My Love & Marriage review... 

For information about the Porn Club or be a reviewer at EdenFantasys... 

December 30, 2010

First Toy Review Completed

I am happy to say - I have finally finished my first review. The Silicone Fun Vibes G-Spot Vibrator by Pipedream.  Check out my review.... http://bit.ly/gDdclC

Unfortunately, this toy just wasn't right for me. But it may be the one for you.

I am now on to my DVD reviews.... Love & Marriage and Girl Talk.

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December 18, 2010

Porn Club

Do you see the excitement on my face? I am an official member of the Porn Club. This club is hosted by EdenFantasys.  I will be getting two DVDs to watch, review, and discuss. The two movies are Love & Marriage and Girl Talk from Digital Playground. Yes, Digital Playground. They're my favorite!!! I can't wait to get them and start watching.

Check out www.edenfantasys.com for the Porn Club.

December 17, 2010

Testing Toy Must Easier Than Writing The Review

I think the easiest part of reviewing these delicious sex toys is the testing. Yes, I think that's it. I am wondering why my creative juices are not flowing as well as I would like. I have tested the product several times.  Is it me just being new to toys and reviewing? Is that why I am baffled on writing a bad to the bone first review. Is your first review suppose to be awesome or is it okay if it's less than awesome?

December 4, 2010

First Toy To Review

I checked my mail today and to my surprise my first toy was waiting for me. I am looking forward to reviewing this vibrator. I originally tried some batteries and thought my toy didn't work, so I got more batteries, and luckily I was wrong, it does work. The testing of my toy begins now. I will post as soon my review is finished.

December 1, 2010

The Beginning of Blogging

Hello! This is The Secret Life Of Stacee. Welcome to Stacee's Playground!

Recently I was introduced to adult toys.  I hope to start reviewing them on a regular basis.  My first toy will be in this week, and I am very excited to share my review with you.

If you have any suggestions on getting my blog moving faster,  or any suggestions on reviewing, please feel free to email me.